HARTJES faces the challenge and keeps producing shoes in Austria according to high ecological and social standards.
Transparency and the respectful and resource-saving approach to people and nature is important to us. This makes HARTJES a responsible and fair manufacturer.
We live our values all along these lines – from the production of our products to the equipment of our company building with its photovoltaic system.



More than a shoe.




We stand up for sustainable and future-proof shoe fashion. That is why we not only carefully select premium leather from Europe but also all other materials down to the smallest detail.
These are then processed in an innovative way. This ensures the longevity of your shoes so that they remain a timelessly beautiful and reliable companion for years to come. Should something happen, we offer – committed to sustainability – new soles as part of our repair services.
Learn more about our materials here.


Our shoes are made by and for people who care for a value-based life with mindful and meaningful interaction and cooperation.
This is not only true for the parent company in Pramet, Upper Austria, but also for our Hungarian subsidiary and our suppliers.
With our positive role model in Austria we try to help shape the social standards in the countries of origin of our other product components.


From the origin of the material to the transparent pollutant-reduced manufacturing process up to the short transportation routes – our shoes are proof of a high sense of responsibility towards our environment.
We are careful with the limited resources. For the planet it would be best to produce no shoes at all – we are aware of that. But as this is no real solution, at the very least, we strive to produce as environmentally friendly and sustainably as possible.