HARTJES faces the challenge and keeps producing shoes in Austria according to high ecological and social standards. Transparency and the respectful and resource-saving approach to people and nature is important to us. This makes HARTJES a responsible and fair manufacturer. We live our values all along these lines – from the production of our products to the equipment of our company building with its photovoltaic system.



HARTJES stands for slow fashion and supports a conscious consumer behavior with the production in Austria and thus the reduction of transport routes. Our shoes are produced according to high quality standards. We are consistently paving the way towards longevity and sustainability - away from mass production and a throwaway society. For us, it is clearly quality rather than quantity that counts.













Nature is our true role model. It gives us what cannot be topped when it comes to high quality - perfectly fit to support the health and well-being of our customers. Only premium leather from Europe is used for HARTJES shoes. The leather protects the foot with its robust yet smooth covering. With its naturally grown texture, leather makes every shoe an unmatched high-quality and ecologically “green” product.

We express sustainability also with our other natural materials like lambskin, loden and natural rubber. In addition to this, HARTJES uses natural cork for the footbeds with a food-safe certificate. Learn more about our materials here.