The sole of the BOOGIE models is not only extremely light but also elastic and exible. It comes with the well-proven HARTJES rolling line which imitates the natural movement of the foot during walking.


The sole works as a natural buffer resulting in stress-free foot and back comfort.


Due to the innovative XL EXTRALIGHT® technology, the weight of the sole is clearly reduced. The material is made of recyclable industry waste. It is en- vironmentally friendly and particularly sustainable.


You will notice the difference.


The amazing walking experience you do not want to miss.
So comfortable – so natural.


The sole rolls up just as intended by nature. You will feel the difference. Back to nature with Hartjes XS.


An integrated rolling line in the sole of the shoe imitates the natural movement of foot when walking. In addition to this, the lightweight of the sole made of natural rubber does not burden the foot.

The result is highest comfort and a unique walking experience. Together with the attractive design, Hartjes provides women’s shoes at their finest. HARTHES XS is a unique technology. We have applied for a utility patent (NR. 001996778) for this innovative XS sole construction with integrated rolling line.